PMD: Stars Above

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Date Posted: October 14th, 2019, 11:00 am

Author Notes

lots of cameos!!!!!

lucky and isaiah in panel 2 belong to writerraven on smackjeeves,
rune the eevee belongs to runelord,
pierre the purrloin belongs to rioblitzle on smackjeeves,
yellow the pikachu, nova the eevee and gizmo the scorbunny belong to pokemon160 on smackjeeves,
lu the mightyena and sammy the raichu belong to silverlunarwing on smackjeeves,
and zeb the glaceon belongs to zebes!
oh also heres a poll if u havent voted


can a submit my character to the cameos?
@jaketheflareon231: yupp, you cn just send me a link to a picture/description
There they are! my kids! And well Cleo doesn’t even think that she’s a hero, but she is!
@POKEMON160: those are really cool!
Thanks Questwings! :D
OMA, that's a scorbunny
Yep that’s my cameo!
a human of course she is a future hero!!!!
bty is that silverlunarwings drawing of your pic?
@comercole: yes!! it is hers
@cloudpool:glad that i noticed but that will be the last time that i'l ever mention her.
@comercole: uh, alright?
I just wanted to say that you can still use my cameo I don’t mine
Also I like that we get to play spot are characters while reading this comic!
Keep up the great work!
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon: ahh! yes! id definitely love to reuse more cameos! thanks!
hey hey cleo listen cleo hey hey listen cleo watch out cleo hey hey LISTEN HEY
@RioBlitzle: bItCh LiStEn
Cleo, you just asked the entire PMD fanbase’s question for years
Haha that’s so true! XD