PMD: Stars Above

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Date Posted: October 7th, 2019, 11:00 am

Author Notes

she will not listen



Looks like Cleo finally knows about rutile! :D and now I feel bad for Hollis, he needs a hug!
Poor Hollis is a sad boy.
Hollis is too good for this world
HEY! LISTEN! No seriously, this could help you in the long run, you ditz of a cat!

Also, long distance relationships never worked based on what I've heard...
oh ok.
justice pour hollis x rutile <3
They made a navy
You precious children (that probably aren’t children
@Jellyblob: ahhh no, they're both adults technically, but they're still my children
@cloudpool: I can appreciate that
Hey listen! .... Someone get me the fly swatter... Or an electric bug zapper...
Holly has a boyfriend....HE'S GAY?!
@ChaosSeer: yes
@cloudpool: oh...O_O