PMD: Stars Above

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Date Posted: October 20th, 2019, 9:46 am
she is

Author Notes

yeah, it doesnt make sense, cleo. spoilers: azril has no idea what she's doing really

cameo of thomas the riolu by firelord6127!
oops forgot to actually schedule. its okay whatever


Hahaha poor azril I feel bad for her! XD and Cleo is gonna tell them! XD
@POKEMON160: we all know what she want to say x)
I really like this comic so far!! Your art style is adorable and the story is really unique so far! I can’t wait for more!
Is that a corviknight or. ....?
@Weaselcheez: yes, its just pip the ditto transformed into a corviknight!
yay a gen 8 Pokemon!!!!
Pip returns!!! <3
Uh oh
Cleo, you little-
"all things that had to do with the human world"? Okay! Now I'm not surprised anymore about Cloe's amnesia.
OMG I just realized Celibi=Navi
Who makes these ( the comics )
@.: you mean me?
pip i love you sm
It to uch but Islam just wondering when's the next update ???
@Guest: i gave a news post update!
Not to rush you but not it to uch Islam
You said you forgot to schedule it , not when you'll post it
@Guest: huh? no, in the news posts i said there should be an update friday.
Friday hun ( narrows eyes ) (just a joke I don't mean to ruch you )
@Guest: yeah. sorry. just been feeling like shit